We seek to have a team of sponsors for each child. It costs a lot more than $40 per month to feed, educate, clothe and care for each of our children, so we try to have a team of people to sponsor each child. Our goal is to have a team of 5 people sponsor each child, which would give us $200 per month. To date, of all the children and women in our care, we have only ONE child who is fully supported with a team of 5 sponsors.


What does my money go towards?

Because the children live with us we care for all their needs. Most child sponsorship agencies supplement the child’s education only and pay direct to the school, we however are responsible for every expense for the child. (shelter, food, medical, gifts, clothing, education, dental, etc) so your funds helps us help with every life expense.

How do I know who needs sponsoring?

Contact us at: sponsorships@homeoftheopenheart.org

We have all those details and will send an email to you with up-to-date info.

Ways to Give