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Some of our children still need general sponsorship, if you desire to help with a monthly sponsorship, please email – and ask them to match you with a child who still needs some general sponsorship. Anything between $40-$50 per month makes a big difference in their lives.

Sponsor Horse Therapy: One of  our children is in need of support to continue doing horse therapy. She is need of $60 per month to meet the needs that she needs in therapy! Are you willing to take part in this? If so, email

Sponsor Creative Arts: Many of our children are wanting to learn to be musicians! Would you willing to supporting a child to play an instrument by financially giving $50 per month for lessons? Learn more about which child wants to play which instrument by emailing us!

Beach Trip – While this isn’t a need, we do love to take our children to the beach every other year for a holiday while they are on their long school break. So any donations toward that would be gratefully received.

High School Education – Our children are growing fast, we need help supporting the costs of their schools. Click here for more about sponsor a child’s education.

Drilling for bore water:

Our project is not in the city but in a more rural village area and our village water is not consistent. So we are seeking financial help for a bore, so we can drill for water and have our own water supply, then pipe it to each children’s home, as well as to our hospice.

We need $20,000 USD for that project.

Remember gifts given in USA, Canada, and Australia are tax deductible. If you wish to help, email – and we will tell you the easiest way to give from your country. Or click on “How to Give” or “Donate Now” tab below.


Thai staff support – Our workers are all volunteers so we try to help them have a team of supporters to enable them to keep working with us. Click here for more about our Thai staff.

Women’s clothing – Funds to buy clothes or packages of good quality second-hand clothes for women and teens is always appreciated.

New Land – Our goal is to become more self-sustaining with producing farming on-site. By donating to the purchase of more land, you can make this possible. Click here for more information on the land.

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