Our Hospice Care

The World Health Organization defines palliative care as an “approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families…through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual”. It is our aim at Home of the Open Heart’s hospice to provide an excellent standard of care for those in the end stages of their life, ensuring that the patient’s needs – physical, psychosocial, and spiritual, are catered for. We will care for the patients in consultation with local doctors who will visit on a regular basis.

We desire to have the collective efforts of internationally and Thai trained medical professionals as well as caregivers. With the assistance of Thai and foreign volunteers, we desire to provide both physically and emotionally for our patients. We offer shelter, food, medicine, clothing and all the other basic necessities to those who have no resources or family. For patients with family, we offer respite care to give the family some rest, and require that the family might provide for their relative’s temporary stay by payment of rice, vegetables, or some food staples, according to their individual farming opportunity or family income/business. This ‘payment in kind’ is managed and assessed on a case by case basis, determined in conjunction and agreement with the patients’ family and our hospice staff.

The hospice is a small facility with a capacity to house eight patients. It offers a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment, with beautifully manicured grounds as one of the many features to ensure those in their final stages of life are in a peaceful, calm and beautiful environment where every care is given to allow them to be as comfortable as possible.

We are currently seeking additional funds for the on-going operational costs of the hospice.


Hospice Development Background

The Home of the Open Heart Hospice has been in the planning since Australian volunteer, Penny Wilcox, came to Chiang Rai in 1999 and began visiting those affected by HIV/AIDS in the local community. She and her team of Thai helpers registered Home of the Open Heart with the Thai Government Department of Social Development a few short years after her arrival. During those early years of visits into the community, she saw a great need for an AIDS hospice when she attended many funerals of those who she visited as they subsequently died of AIDS. The hospice’s plan, architectural design, and concrete foundations, footings, plumbing and slab work began in 2004, with the assistance of volunteers from Australia, USA and Thailand. This hospice is a project many years in the making. We officially opened our hospice facility in December 7, 2012.

Hospice Staff

We also need full-time bilingual caregivers as well as sponsors for our Thai caregivers.

Acknowledging our current donor

We are grateful and want to acknowledge the generous monthly donations of Liverpool Partners in Sydney, Australia to operational costs of our hospice.
Thanks, LIVERPOOL PARTNERS  for making a difference in people’s lives in this part of the world. Visit them at www.liverpoolpartners.com.


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