Future Land

For some time Penny (Director of Home of the Open Heart) has had it on her heart to purchase some land adjoining the current property of Home of the Open Heart. We are now about to embark on an exciting project to purchase and develop this property.

The main development planned for this property is a sustainable farming model for our family (the women and children in our care on-site at Home of the Open Heart). Purchase of this adjoining land will offer us space to develop farming of vegetables, fish, chickens, pigs and maybe even a cow on-site, thus providing home grown organic food for our growing family.

It also provides a teaching model for our local community. This will allow others to view our model, learn and then implement for themselves, providing them with the opportunity to improve their income and support their families long term. Our community work is a vital link in our ministry, reaching out to those who are affected by HIV.

We desire to adopt a model outlined by the King of Thailand called the “New Theory and Sufficiency Economy”. This involves dividing our land into four parts. 30:30:30:10. The first 30% is a pond to support cultivation and sustain our gardens through dry season. This pond, about four metres deep,would hold up to 19,000 cubic metres of rainwater, and provide for the whole year’s cultivation. The pond may also bring in additional income from aquatic animals and plants. Fish can feed from the waste of pigs living in a bamboo floor pen over the pond. The second and third 30% will be rice cultivation, and vegetable garden. The final 10% is for service area, pathways, ditches, livestock pens, etc.

Two main purposes in this property purchase.

1. Enabling the project to have a degree of self sufficiency from within ourselves, through owning property and receiving rental monies, thus decreasing the reliance on international aid.

2. Broaden the work to include training those in our care in areas of community development/farming. As well as provide a model for our wider community according to the teaching of His Majesty the King’s New Theory.


Would you consider helping us to purchase this property?

Contact: Penny Wilcox – penny@homeoftheopenheart.org