Our Mission


Home of the Open Heart

Our mission is to assist and enable destitute HIV affected women and children by providing education,
orphan care, respite and hospice care, both in our home and in our community.


What We Do

Our Children

We seek to model family, small group homes; we have developed a girls home and a boys home, both on the same property. We seek to be family when children find themselves without parents.

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Our Community

We seek to offer education, practical help and support in our community to those affect by HIV, helping them to be equipped to help themselves.

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Our Hospice

We seek to provide a loving caring environment with full nursing care for people in their final stages of AIDS. We can provide 2-3 weeks of respite care for people with HIV to allow the family rest periods.

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Volunteer Staff Opportunities

Most urgent need is for house-parents for our boys’ and girls’ house. This is a long-term commitment, as ideally we are seeking a married couple who can live-in and parent these children in every sense of the word.

We are seeking ESL teachers and nurses for our hospice. If you are interested, please contact us!

Colleen’s Story

Born in South Africa, Colleen Dechaboon moved to Thailand with her husband and teenage daughter in 2008. Joining the team at Home of the Open Heart (Baannamjai), an HIV/AIDS outreach project in the north of the country, they had committed their lives and long term future to helping others.

But in 2013 a sudden and tragic event would change Colleen’s life forever. This inspiring short film is the true story of how one woman has faced a heartbreaking loss yet has never given up the hope she needs to continue the work she came here to do.

If you are moved by Colleen’s story and would like to support her ongoing work in Thailand then please click the link below now. Please remember to specify that you wish to sponsor Mercy Mai & Faith Min. Thank you.

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